2019 Summer Reading List for Toddlers

2019 Summer Reading List for Toddlers

With Memorial Day now behind us, Summer is almost here! While we still have a couple of more weeks of school, now is the time that you should seriously think about what to do for the summer with your little ones, especially if you have haven’t signed up for our Summer Session.

One thing is certain: learning shouldn’t stop over the summer months. Reading is an incredibly important part of a toddler’s development: develop a large vocabulary of words and how to use them, helping them to understand that words are made up of smaller sounds, learning the letters of the alphabet, and understanding that marks on a page represent letters and words. Through the summer you should make sure to try to read to your toddler as often as possible!

Every year Reading Rockets puts together a list of summer reading books for various ages, including a great collection for toddlers. Here are a few of our favorites, followed by a link to Reading Rockets where you can see the entire list!

Five Enormous Dinosaurs – Fantastic book where children join in on the countdown of stomping dinosaurs from five to zero. The numbers stay on the pages as you flip through, and the book wraps up with an identification of each dinosaur at the end.


Pigs in a Blanket – Very cute cartoon-style illustrated book about three little pigs getting out of bed and following them as they go about their activities through the day. Their silly antics are accompanied by rhyming text.


Who Has Wiggle-Waggle Toes? – A fun, humorous book that encourages participation as you read about a group of young children showing off their wiggle-waffle, flip-flop, wacky selves engaging in familiar activities as your little ones such as swimming and dancing.


Ruby & Rufus: Love the Water – Little ducklings Ruby and Rufus enjoy the beautiful summer weather by diving and swimming in a pond with their striped inner-tube. As the weather changes to winter, they enjoy sliding on their now frozen pond. Children love following along to these 2 cute little ducklings!


This is just a small sampling of books that Reading Rockets has listed. For the full list follow along here, and if you have older children, you will find great books for them on this list as well! Do not let summer go by without taking up some of your favorite books, and maybe even some new ones! If you enjoy any of these books or have suggestions of your own, leave us a comment below!

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