4th of July Kids Crafts & Recipes

4th of July Kids Crafts & Recipes

With fireworks, picnics, BBQ’s and lots 4th of July fun right around the corner, your little ones might be ready to start the excitement early. Getting excited for the Fourth doesn’t have to mean going to the beach or even leaving the house! So, we compiled a list of a few activities and recipes to bring some of the 4 of July fun to your kitchen table!

  • Fireworks Painting – This activity is a fun way to bring the excitement of fireworks into your home. Use finished toilet paper/paper towel rolls and paint to create exploding fireworks. Try this activity on canvas and hang it up for your summer guests to see!
  • Salt Fireworks – Another activity that will let your little ones bring fireworks to the kitchen table is salt painting. This craft uses glue and salt to create 3D fireworks on paper!
  • Fruit Kabobs – These delicious treats are a fun and healthy way to get your kids excited about the fourth or to spice up any 4th of July barbeque. All you need are blueberries and watermelon!
  • Oreo Pops – Another, less healthy but just as delicious, snack are these adorable red, white, and blue Oreo candy pops.  This snack is quick and easy to make and the decorating will keep your little ones entertained!
  • Facts About Independence Day – This website provides kid-friendly facts about Independence Day. These facts are fun to review while doing the fireworks crafts or making those sweet treats. Telling your little ones about these facts not only reminds them of the importance and meaning of the holiday but also helps keep their memory strong over the summer break!


4th of July Fireworks Painting for Kids


These are some exciting ways to get ready for the Fourth! Make sure to comment which activities you liked and any 4th of July traditions your family has! Share these ideas with your friends and family by clicking the share button on the side of the blog post!

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