Snowed In

Snowed In

Snowed In

With snow making its first appearance of the season your kids might be getting a few snow days this year. Playing out in the snow all day just isn’t possible so we compiled a list of a few fun, inside activities to do for when your little snow bunnies are ready to come back inside. Check out the full list of activities on HerViewFromHome.

Polar Express – A fun and creative activity is to let your kids make their own indoor train! Use furniture and cushions to create a living room train. Have your kids make tickets to give out, then read the story or pop on the movie and enjoy!

Spa Day – Have a couple fashionistas at home? Have a spa day! Paint each other’s nails, do each other’s hair, and even have a little fashion show!

Snow Ice Cream – With just three ingredients and a little bit of snow you can have homemade ice cream! You just need ½ cup of half & half or whole milk, ¼ cup of sugar, ½ tsp. of vanilla and then 4 cups of clean snow. Blend the first three ingredients until the sugar dissolves then stir in the snow until it resembles ice cream!

Color Printables – An easy way to keep kids occupied is coloring! Pick your child’s favorite character, show or movie and look up free printables online. Endless, free fun!

Holiday Crafts – Now is a great time to have your little ones make fun holiday crafts and cards for friends and family. Another fun and festive way to pass the time today could be letting your little ones use leftover decorations to decorate their bedrooms for the holidays!

Here are some fun ways to embrace the snow day and keep the boredom at bay. If there are any fun snow day activities you do with your family please tell us in the comments! As always, click the share button on the side of the blog to share these ideas with your family and friends!

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