Back To School Craft Ideas

Back To School Craft Ideas

Back-to-school crafts are more than a cute activity your child might do during their first day of school. These crafts are a great opportunity to start talking to your child about school and getting them excited! Whether your child is a toddler starting daycare, preschool-aged, or getting ready for a transition to a new school for kindergarten or first grade, the transition may feel overwhelming for them. Working on these crafts together is a way to introduce them to some of the things they will be encountering during their school day like lunch time or riding the bus. The crafts below are just a few ideas that will give you the opportunity to jump-start conversations about the nerves and excitement your little one has for starting school!

countdown to preschool craft

Countdown to Preschool Craft

This adorable countdown to preschool craft is a fun craft to do whether your child is starting preschool or kindergarten, or your toddler is starting a full-time daycare. You and your little one can make the craft together and then every day when your child pulls a chain off, take the opportunity to talk to them about school. Each day have them either ask you a question about school, talk about what they’re nervous about, talk about what they’re excited about, or even tell them things about school that they can look forward to!


back to school silly face sandwiches

Silly Face Sandwich Bags

This craft is super fun and easy! If you’re planning to use sandwich bags in your child’s lunch then you already have the majority of the craft in your house! You can use googly eyes or even just markers! Silly sandwich bags are an easy way to give your child something to look forward to during their first few days of school. If they’re having a hard time adjusting at first, they will at least know they have something to look forward to at lunchtime and will have a happy reminder of you and the fun you had making them!


easy school bus craft

School Bus Craft

A school bus craft is a quintessential back-to-school craft! If your little one will be riding the bus this year, this is a great craft to make, and talk to them about what that experience will be like! If your little one is still too young to take the bus but they have an older sibling that does, this craft can still be a fun way to make them feel included in that school experience and excited for when they will finally get to ride a school bus too!


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