Back to School Crafts

Back to School Crafts

Back to School Crafts

As your little ones are getting used to being back in school, now is the perfect time for some fun, back to school inspired crafts! These crafts are a great way to practice skills that your little ones are beginning to learn in school. From science to spelling, HandsOnAsWeGrow created a list of 20 back to school themed crafts. Check out our top five favorites from the list!

Appearing Name – This is a fun activity for your little ones that are in the early stages of learning their names. Use Elmer’s rubber cement to write out your child’s name. Give the glue a few minutes to dry, and then have your little ones color over it with markers or dot paint. The color will only stick very lightly to the glue, leaving the impression that the name magically appeared. This can also be a fun way to share secret messages and pictures with children that are a few years ahead of your toddlers.


Salt & Glue Art – This is another fun activity for your young ones that are learning to spell and it’s also a great activity for your older children that love art and science. For this project you’ll need salt, glue, watercolor ink/food color, and pipettes. This craft might get a little bit messy at first but all of the fun will make up for it!


Half & Half Self Portrait – This back to school activity is a fun twist on a typical self-portrait. Take a picture of your child in their favorite shirt, with their favorite hat on or favorite hairstyle, and then print the picture at a reasonably large size. Once you have the picture take construction or drawing paper and cover half of the photograph. Now, on the drawing paper your child can complete their portrait to make a full image. This is a fun way to give a twist to the typical self-portrait.


Lunch Bag Craft – If your little one likes to bring lunch in a paper bag this is a great craft to try! Get an apple or two and cut them in half. Then you and your little one can paint the apple to use as a stamp. Take tomorrow’s lunch bag and press the apple stamps on it to create a fun pattern!


Sun Catchers – A fun back to school craft that your children can get creative with. This craft uses a coffee filter to create a sun catcher that can be proudly displayed on the windows throughout your home. All you’ll need for this project is construction paper, a coffee filter, some markers, and a spray bottle of water.


Be sure to check out the full list of crafts and tell us which ones you loved or any other fun crafts you’ve been trying out with your little ones! Click the share button on the side of the blog post to share this with your family and friends!

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