Benefits of Coloring

Benefits of Coloring

Benefits of coloring

If there is one activity that kids love it is coloring. They enjoy using their creativity to make a black and white image come to life, and the look on their faces after they have created their work of art is priceless. But did you know that there are cognitive, physical, and psychological benefits to coloring?

Research continues to support the benefits of pencil, crayon, marker to paper, as well as crafts! Coloring is much more than an activity to occupy a child for a short period of time. It is a learning tool that can help them to be more well-rounded, emotionally stable, and organized.

Here are some key benefits of coloring in kids’ psychology and development:

  • Contributes to better handwriting. Hand strength, dexterity, and attention to detail are skills that are required to write printed letters, and coloring can help to develop these qualities so that writing come more naturally.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination. Every aspect of coloring – holding the crayon or marker, choosing colors, following lines – help to develop coordination and ability to focus. Coloring helps to strengthen this budding talent in young children, assisting in efficient, healthy development.
  • Self-Expression. No two people are the same, and it is okay to be different – in fact, it is encouraged to be yourself and be different. Coloring is an activity in which a child can really express their feelings and emotions through a visual medium, helping to expand their self-confidence along the way.
  • Therapy and Stress Relief. One of the most important benefits to coloring is the calming effect it has on children. Coloring has been shown to benefit emotional health by allowing children to process their feelings, especially for unpleasant or confusing emotions. Not only is it beneficial to children, but it is proven to be a great stress reliever for adults as well!
  • Self-Regulation. It takes time and patience to completely finish an art project, and because of its calming nature, coloring helps teach children to pace their actions and regulate their mind and body.

As you can see, coloring is much more than an activity to keep a child occupied. There are plenty of mental, physical, and psychological benefits to coloring that can improve or foster development in children of any age. For more information and benefits, read this article at Color Psychology, and this article at Children’s Center for Growth and Development.


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