5 Fun Preschool Crafts For Summer

Crafts are a great activity for getting your little ones excited and keeping them engaged. However, arts and crafts aren’t just for fun! They help with things like developing fine motor skills and learning about colors and shapes. Holding crayons and paint brushes or placing pieces of tissue paper are great ways to help build your child’s motor skills. Crafts are also a great time to review shapes and colors with your child in a low pressure environment! So if you’ve ever thought about skipping arts and craft time, think again! And with summer right around the corner, now is a great time to incorporate some summer themes into your arts and crafts. Here are five fun crafts to get your little ones excited for summer!


Firefly Suncatcher

Firefly Suncatcher 

Suncatchers are great crafts to make with your little ones because they have fun making them and can keep enjoying them after they’re done! During this craft, talk to your kids about fireflies and how you can see them glow at night. Then once you’re done, let them know that now they have fireflies that will glow during the daytime!


Nature Hearts


Nature Hearts

This craft is a great way to introduce your child to nature and make a day out of this craft. Take your child out into the world and throughout the day have them collect pieces of nature they love. Once you get home, help your child combine all of the pieces of nature they’ve found onto their heart. Now they can display their beautiful artwork and a reminder of why they love nature! 


Jellyfish Kids Craft


Jellyfish Craft

This craft is an adorable way to get excited for summer and talk to your little ones about marine life that they might see on the beach! A fun way to elevate this craft is to make a couple of these jellyfish and use clear wire to hang them from the ceiling of your little ones bedroom or temporarily in the bathroom to make bath time extra fun!



Paper Loop Pufferfish 

The paper loop pufferfish craft is a great versatile craft for using whatever you’ve got at home. The craft typically utilizes construction paper to make the loop body of the pufferfish but you can also use toilet paper rolls and paint to create your adorable pufferfish. 


Popsicle Fine Motor Craft


Popsicle Craft

The popsicle craft is a great activity for working on fine motor skills! Placing the individual tissue paper squares is great for developing this skill. And if you have a younger sibling that also wants to get involved, just cut them up some bigger tissue paper squares and let them place down as many as they can handle. One thing about this craft is to make sure you have popsicles on hand for once they’re finished!

Spooky Halloween Crafts

With Halloween right around the corner you’re probably seeing crafting and diy ideas all over the Internet. Most of these crafts are either for adults or children that have developed those fine motor skills already. So if you’re looking for some fun activities to do with your little ones in the count down to Halloween this is the perfect list for you! Happy Hooligans published a list of 21 Halloween crafts for toddlers and we’ve chosen 4 of our favorites for you!

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4th of July Crafts


The 4th of July is tomorrow so you may be looking for a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Since the weekend and the big celebrations are over, crafts are a great way to have some patriotic fun in the comfort of your home. Thanks to All Kids Network we have a collection of fun, 4th of July crafts so you can create some fun for your little ones without having to bring them to the beach. Check out their site to see a full list of crafts, as well as, instructions for each craft!

Patriotic Windsock Craft – A fun, patriotic decoration that isn’t too hard to make! All you need is a toilet paper roll, printer paper, and some yarn. The red, white, and blue hanging decoration is a fun way for your little ones to create decorations that you can use around the house for the 4th! For a simpler version, replace the colored yarn with paint and/or glitter!

Fingerprint Flag – A super easy project for your little ones to do. All you need is white paper and red and blue paint. Help your little ones create the stripes of the flag, as well as, the stars with their fingers! An adorable, hands-on craft your little ones are sure to love!

Patriotic Magnets – A fun way to celebrate the 4th is to decorate the fridge with magnets! Your little ones can make clay magnets with store bought clay or salt dough. Spell out USA, make a flag, or create some fireworks. Your little ones will love playing with the clay and then being able to see their creations on the fridge!

4th of July Wreaths – A fun project to put somewhere around the house. Get red, white, and blue paper for your wreath. For a fun family version, trace the hands of your children on the different colored paper, cut them out, and glue them on a paper plate to make your wreath. Or for a more festive look, have your little ones trace and cut out stars for your wreath. Also, add little touches of glitter and ribbon for more fun!

Sponge Painting – A great craft for your little ones! Take a few sponges and cut them into star and firework shapes. Set out small plates with different colors of paint on them like red, blue, white, gold, and silver. Either on canvas or paper, give your little ones the sponge shapes and let them create some patriotic masterpieces!

We hope you decide to try out some of these crafts tomorrow! Feel free to leave pictures of your crafts in the comments, or any other fun craft ideas that your family likes to do for the 4th of July. And be sure to share these ideas with your friends and family by clicking share on the side of the post. Happy 4th of July!

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