Kids in the Kitchen

During peak developmental ages, children learn by using all of their senses. Through tasting, touching, smelling, feeling, and hearing, children are able to learn more about the world around them. Cooking is a great activity for children because it engages all of the senses. Cooking with your children can happen at any age. The older your children are the more involved they can be with helping you actually cook and prepare the food. Younger children can have a lot of fun measuring and weighing out ingredients!

There are a lot of different components to cooking such as reading and following directions, weighing, and measuring. This is why cooking is so beneficial for children. Activities such as weighing and measuring are great ways for your young ones to develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Your older children can use cooking as a way to understand practical applications of math and science. Adding fractions and understanding how heat affects different substances are a few of the things your children can learn at home, in the kitchen!

Learning the basics of cooking is beneficial not just in terms of sensory development, but in terms of basic life skills. Cooking with your children while they are young will help instill basic cooking skills and a love for cooking and food. These will be important qualities to have when they grow up, but are sometimes harder t­o develop as adults. So getting them involved in the kitchen at a young age will give them important building blocks for their future.

Cooking is also a great way to help your children develop confidence and creativity. Allowing a child to be creative in the kitchen and have the whole family enjoy the outcome of their hard work is a great way to help your children develop a sense of confidence and pride in their work. The benefits of getting your children involved in cooking are endless!

If your little ones love getting involved in the kitchen let us know in the comments some of their favorite recipes and what they love to help with! You can view the original article on Nourish Interactive!

How Does Art Benefit Children?

Arts and crafts are a great way for children to have fun practicing their creativity and self-expression, however, there are also a lot of great developmental benefits that art can have on children. North Shore Pediatric Therapy published an article about the top 5 developmental benefits that arts and crafts provide for children. These benefits range from coordination to emotional development. Read below to find out more or click here to view the full article.

1.Bilateral Coordination – Art allows children to practice their bilateral coordination. Projects such as cutting, pasting, painting, and coloring require using both hands together. This is an important skill for your children to start developing at a young age. Tasks such as writing, tying shoes, and typing are all advanced skills that require bilateral coordination.

2. Fine Motor Coordination – Drawing shapes, cutting patterns, and practicing handwriting all enhance fine motor skills. Practicing precise artistic activities help children develop these skills that will be very useful for academics, eating, and dressing.

3. Self-Regulation – Art projects that require waiting for parts to dry such as crafts with paint or glue help children develop patience! Having to wait for a part to dry before continuing a project will help teach your child they can’t have everything the moment they want it.

4. Self-Esteem Booster – Arts and crafts are a great way to help boost your child’s self esteem and confidence. Start with crafts at your child’s skill level. Allow them to build confidence by mastering certain skills, and then allow their creativity to flourish.

5. Bonding Time – Arts and crafts are a great way to bond with your child! Coming up with ideas, shopping for materials, and actually sitting down together and working on a project allows you to spend quality, creative time with your child!

Next time you hesitate to break out the paints and glue, remember all of the positive impacts that arts and crafts can have on your child! If you want to share these developmental benefits with your friends and family click share on the side of the blog post!

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