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With the end of the school year about a month away and all of the excitement of summer coming, your little ones may be starting to struggle with focusing on homework. We know that it can be hard to get your children to sit down and practice math problems when the sun is out and the swing set is calling. So we’ve got a list of 5 ways to help make homework time a little easier!

Work Together– While you don’t want to help too much with your child’s homework, it can be nice to work alongside of them. During homework time, bring out your own laptop and respond to emails, pay bills, or plan your next meeting. Doing work with your children will be a great bonding activity and will allow you to be around to help with homework problems without feeling the need to micromanage.

Make it Fun– There are a lot of ways to make homework a fun activity! If your child has a list of math problems in front of them, let them use a marker or chalkboard to do their work on. If they have to remember things for a test, make it into a song! Allow your children to experiment with creative means to help them get their work done.

Let Them Teach– Whether it’s to their younger siblings or a crowd of stuffed animals, letting your child teach the materials they are learning to someone else will not only let them have fun but is also a great way to reiterate the information they are learning.

Track Progress– Use a large chalk, marker, or bulletin board to keep track of everyone’s assignments. Have a list of ongoing assignments as well as, reading, spelling, and fast facts logs to keep track of everyone’s progress. This will allow them to see, and be proud of, their own progress. If you want, have small rewards for when your child reaches a certain amount of time spent practicing or a certain number of books read!

Snack time– Healthy snacks help your brain to work harder so serving them during homework time can help grow little minds! Having some snacks on the table might also help encourage your little ones to stay seated at the table instead of wandering away before finishing their homework!

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Earth Day Education for Children

When a child is born, parents make sure that they are provided with a healthy and clean environment. Babies are cleaned with the bubbles of baby-safe shampoo, massaged with baby lotion that keeps the skin soft, and showered love and attention that builds personality. The environment that we surround our babies with is neat, clean and well-maintained for a reason: a healthy, happy environment can help ensure a healthy, happy life.

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