Fun Activities & Crafts for Fall

Fun Activities & Crafts for Fall

Autumn has arrived! School is in session and summer is over so it is finally time for apple picking, pumpkin patches, and lots of fall fun! Since you probably won’t be able to go on an outdoor adventure every night here are some fun crafts and activities to bring the adventure to your kitchen table!

  • Pinecone Apples – These cute crafts are an adorable decoration to spruce up your home for fall or they can be given to a favorite teacher as a back-to- school gift. Bring your little ones for a walk through the neighborhood to look for the perfect pinecones to use. With a little bit of paint, turn pinecones into masterpieces.
  • Hand & Fingerprint Tree – This craft is hands on fun for your little one. Make the tree trunk and branches from your child’s hand and arm. Then, let them finger print to make the leaves. Or for added fun, make the leaves using Apple Printing.
  • Pumpkin Printing – If you make a pumpkin-picking visit this year be sure to grab some mini pumpkins! If you cut the tiny pumpkins in half and scrape out the insides, the pumpkin can be used to make little pumpkin stamps for painting!
  • Fall Festivities – For the weekends you are looking to get out of the house and enjoy the nice fall weather, here is a list of different fall festivals throughout New Jersey for September through November 2016.

We hope you are inspired to embrace the fun of fall with your family this year. Be sure to let us know about any fun traditions you like to do with your family during the fall! Share these fun ideas with your family and friends by clicking the share button on the side of the blog post!

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