Fun, unique Easter projects to spark your child’s creativity

Fun, unique Easter projects to spark your child’s creativity

Fun, unique Easter Projects

Spring is in the air: longer days, beautiful weather, and Easter. Every year kids get excited with the promise of candy and treats on Easter morning, freshly delivered from the Easter Bunny himself. This year, you can create fun, unique Easter projects that will not only help to celebrate Easter, but encourage your child to work with their hands and make something!

We have compiled a short list of creative Easter projects that you can complete with your child:

  • Homemade Easter Baskets Kids Can Make – The homemade baskets are not only easy to make and utilize craft supplies that you most likely already have around this house, but are also super fun to make! Perfect for any of the Easter Egg Hunts in the area.
  • Easter Egg Suncatcher – Designed to catch sunlight and create a beautiful visual, your child will enjoy creating and then displaying their Easter-themed suncatcher. Learn how to make this simple Easter decoration over at The Artful Parent.
  • Stained Glass Easter Eggs – Very similar to the Easter Egg Suncatcher, these “stained glass” Easter Eggs are fun to create and allow your child to express their creativity. Very simple materials, and an easy to follow guide will help you and your child create these beautiful decorations today!
  • Melted Crayon Easter Eggs – Use crayons to draw on freshly boiled eggs (warm, not hot for the toddlers). The heat from the egg will smoothly melt the crayon creating beautiful, amazing designs, and then dye the eggs to finish off the effect. An easy, alternative technique to coloring eggs this year!

There it is, a short list of easy-to-do Easter crafts that are not only fun but unique as well. Make sure to let us know if you try any of these yourself, and as always, spread the love to your friends and family by clicking the share buttons on the side of this blog post!

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