Practicing Halloween Safety Tips

Practicing Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween only two days away it is important to review some safety tips for Halloween night with any of the trick or treaters leaving your house. These tips are helpful to remember when getting your little ones ready, as well as, before you set your older children off on their own. posted an extensive article with tips to remember about costumes, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and candy eating. We’ve narrowed it down to the most important tips to remember this Halloween.

Try and choose a costume that is light in color for your young ones. If that is not       possible use reflective or glow in the dark tape on their fronts and backs to make sure cars will be able to see them as they drive by.


Make sure all masks and wigs do not restrict vision or ability to breathe.


Include a nametag on your child’s costume somewhere with your name and phone number.


If possible, have your children wear sneakers with their Halloween costumes to avoid any trips or falls. If that’s not possible make sure their shoes fit properly and do not have a high heel.


Children under the age of 12 should be escorted by a guardian. All of your children that you’re sending out should know emergency numbers such as 911 and your phone number in case they get lost or separated.


For your older trick or treaters, make sure they know the routes that they are           allowed to take. Also, review basic safety tips with them as well such as:

                        Have your cellphone on you, if possible,

Stay in a group of at least 3 at all times

Only go to houses with porch lights on

Never run from house to house or hop fences

Always cross the street at corners and cross walks


Have your trick or treaters carry a flashlight in their candy bag so they have access to light if they end up in an area with low visibility.


Don’t forget about trick or treaters that will be visiting you! Make sure there is a clear path to your porch that is free of tripping hazards. If you want to welcome visitors make sure to have a bright porch light on.


We hope these tips were helpful, as you get ready for Halloween. If there are any important tips you tell your children before Halloween please leave them below. As always, click the share button on the side of the blog to share these helpful reminders with your friends and families!

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