Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween only a few days away it is important to remember some safety tips to keep your kids, and the rest of the neighborhood, safe this year. Here is a list of some safety tips to keep in mind this Halloween. To view the full list visit Safe Kids Worldwide!

Walking Safety

  • Remember to cross streets at crosswalks, traffic lights, and stop signs as much as possible.
  • Teach your kids to always make eye contact with a driver before crossing in front of a car. This is a good habit to get your kids into not just for Halloween, but also for the future!
  • Try to take routes that have sidewalks and paths to walk on.
  • If you are out driving on Halloween make sure to take it slow through residential areas!

Costume Safety

  • Add reflective tape and stickers to trick-or-treat bags, and costumes if your little ones will let you!
  • Have your little trick-or-treaters carry around glow sticks and flashlights so they can be easily seen in the dark.
  • If your child’s costume requires a mask, try face paint first! Masks restrict vision, especially at night!

Trick-or-Treat Safety

  • Have a responsible adult comb through your child’s candy before letting them eat it.
  • Children under the age of 12 should not go out alone. Going out in groups is not only safer, but also more fun!

This Halloween, remember these tips to keep your little ones, and your neighborhood safe! Comment any Halloween safety tips your family has. Be sure to click the share button on the side of the blog to remind your friends and family how to have a safe Halloween!

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