5 Unique Tasty Lunch Ideas for School

It can be difficult to come up with healthy, tasty lunches that you can pack for your little ones while they are at school. It can be an arduous task, most items need to be soft or small, which means you are spending a lot of time chopping, steaming, and prepping foods. You want to make sure that these meals fill them, are healthy, and that they enjoy them.

That is why it is important to find toddler lunches that are quick to prepare, easy to pack, and don’t necessarily need to be reheated. Below is a list of 5 lunches that you might want to consider bringing into your child’s rotation. They are easy to mix and match so that you can find the perfect recipes for your little ones!

Homemade Lunchables

Most children LOVE lunchables – and parents love the ease that comes with them. Unfortunately they are filled with processed foods filled with sodium and other preservatives that you may not be interested in giving to your child. And your child can help make their homemade lunchables, which makes this a win-win! Some options to include are: low-sodium turkey, cheese, whole-wheat crackers, cooked green beans, apple slices, and nut or seed butter! Get creative!

Ham and Cheese roll-up

Lunch meat just seems more fun when its out of its natural habitat, the sandwich! Use low-sodium ham and wrap the slices around string cheese to create a super fun roll-up that your child will love. For smaller children, slice the string cheese vertically to avoid a choking hazard. Combine this with hummus, sliced peppers, apple slices, or a banana and you have a great little lunch!

Yogurt Parfait

This is a great idea for when you feel like you don’t have many options and are in need of a trip to the grocery store. You can layer berries, diced mango, or even roasted diced sweet potatoes with plain (or flavored) yogurt and granola to make a delicious, unique meal! Pair this with a favorite green veggie like diced cucumbers or peas, and you have a quick, healthy meal for your little one!

Breakfast for lunch

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Well how about bringing that idea to lunch? Pack a hard-boiled egg, yogurt bites, mixed fruits like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, cubed cucumber, and an applesauce cup, and you have breakfast for lunch! That was easy!

Chicken and Guac

Do yourself a favor, and next time you are at the store, pick up a rotisserie chicken. You can use it for so many items, including lunch for your toddler. This lunch tastes great and is full of protein: rotisserie chicken pieces, lightly-cooked sliced carrots, grapes (quartered if they are for really little ones), pita slices, and mini guacamole to-go cup (to prevent browning). That sounds like a lunch most parents would want to make for themselves!

While packing school lunches can prove to be stressful, you can ease your burden with some out-of-the-box ideas for lunch. These meals are healthy, full of protein, and your little ones will love having something new in their lunch boxes. They can even help prepare some of these meals themselves, making this a great activity to do as a team!

Back to School Lunch Planner and Lunch Ideas

The 2015-16 School year has begun and we are all trying to get back into a regular routine. One of the biggest issues that parents face is what to pack for lunch for our children. A lot of parents struggle every morning, rushing around trying to come up with ideas for lunch foods that our children will not only eat but will provide nutrition as well. More often than not, we end up picking foods that are either not the healthiest choice, or we grab something that our child might not even want in four hours.

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