Spring Sensory Play: Engaging the Senses with Seasonal Materials

Spring is here and with the season comes a variety of beautiful sights, colors, and scents! Introduce your children to the wonders of Spring through spring-themed sensory play activities! Sensory play is a great way to engage your child’s senses, improve their motor skills, and encourage exploration. In this blog, we’ll give you five ideas for sensory activities that utilize Spring themes and materials!

Flower Petal Sensory Bin

Dive into the vibrant colors and fragrant aromas of spring with a flower petal sensory bin. Fill a large container with fresh flower petals collected from the garden or local florist. Let children explore the soft textures, vibrant hues, and delicate scents as they engage their senses in this immersive sensory experience.

Rainstick Craft

Embrace the soothing sound of raindrops with a DIY rainstick craft. Gather cardboard tubes, dried beans, and decorative materials such as stickers, markers, and ribbons. Encourage children to decorate their tubes before filling them with beans and sealing the ends. As they tilt the rainsticks back and forth, they’ll be mesmerized by the calming sound of rainfall.

Spring-Scented Playdough

Whip up a batch of homemade playdough or slime infused with the fresh scents of spring. Experiment with natural ingredients like lavender, lemon, or mint to create sensory-rich playdough that engages both the olfactory and tactile senses. Add flower petals or herbs for an extra sensory surprise!

Rain Cloud Science Experiment

Explore the science behind spring showers with a rain cloud in a jar experiment. Fill a clear jar with water, then add shaving cream to create a “cloud” on top. Using droppers or pipettes, drip blue food coloring onto the shaving cream cloud. As the “rain” falls through the cloud and into the water, children will observe the process of precipitation in action.

Spring-themed Sensory Bottles

Spark curiosity with spring-themed sensory bottles filled with captivating materials. Fill clear plastic bottles with items such as colored rice, flower petals, sequins, and small toys. Seal the bottles tightly and let children shake, twist, and turn them to explore the fascinating sights and sounds within.

Outdoor Activity Ideas for Springtime

As the temperature begins to warm and flowers start to bloom, spring presents the perfect opportunity to take preschoolers outdoors for some fun and exploration. Outdoor play not only promotes physical health but also fosters creativity, imagination, and a connection with nature. With spring just around the corner, here are seven exciting outdoor play ideas for you and your preschooler!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items commonly found in your local environment such as pinecones, flowers, rocks, or different types of leaves. Give your child a basket or bag and encourage them to explore the outdoor space to find and collect the items on the list. This activity not only encourages observation skills but also teaches children about the natural world around them.

Sensory Garden

Set up a sensory garden area with various plants and flowers that children can touch, smell, and even taste. Include plants with different textures, scents, and colors to stimulate their senses. Let the children explore the garden freely, encouraging them to describe what they see, feel, and smell.

Outdoor Art Station

Provide easels, paintbrushes, non-toxic paints, and large sheets of paper for your child to unleash their creativity outdoors. Encourage them to paint the blooming flowers, buzzing bees, or chirping birds they see around them. This activity allows children to express themselves artistically while enjoying the fresh air.

DIY Bubble Station

Set up a bubble station with homemade bubble solution and a variety of bubble wands. Let children experiment with different shapes and sizes of bubbles, chasing them around and trying to catch them. This activity promotes gross motor skills and endless giggles!

Water Play

On warm spring days, nothing beats the joy of water play. Set up a water table or provide buckets, cups, and watering cans for children to splash, pour, and explore. Add toys like rubber ducks or plastic boats to enhance the play experience. Water play not only keeps children cool but also fosters sensory exploration and cooperative play.

DIY Nature Crafts

Gather natural materials such as leaves, sticks, flowers, and rocks, and invite children to use their creativity to make nature-inspired crafts. They can create leaf rubbings, stick sculptures, flower crowns, or rock paintings. Encourage them to let their imaginations run wild as they transform these materials into works of art.

Outdoor Storytime

Set up a cozy outdoor reading nook with blankets, cushions, and a selection of great books. Sit with your child and read stories about spring, nature, or outdoor adventures. Turn it into a family activity by making snacks and having a picnic while you read!

5 Wintery Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

Winter is a magical season filled with snowflakes, frosty adventures, and cozy indoor activities. Engaging your preschooler in winter-themed crafts not only sparks their creativity but also enhances fine motor skills and sensory exploration. In this blog post, we’ll explore five cute and easy-to-create winter crafts perfect for little hands and big imaginations!

Snowflake Flurries

Help your child create their own unique snowflakes using simple materials like white paper or paper plates, scissors, glue, and optional glitter. Discuss the concept of symmetry as they fold the paper and cut out intricate shapes. Hang the finished snowflakes around your house or their bedroom to create a winter wonderland.

Cotton Ball Snowmen

Let the little ones build their very own snowmen indoors using cotton balls, construction paper, and googly eyes. This activity not only allows for creative expression but also helps in developing fine motor skills as they carefully place each cotton ball in its place.

Penguin Pals

Dive into the world of adorable penguins with a craft activity that involves black and white construction paper, glue, and orange markers. Your preschooler can cut out penguin shapes, glue them onto a snowy background, and add beaks and feet using the orange markers. You can also pair this craft with a book about penguins, like Little Penguin by Julie Davey.

Mitten Masterpieces

Explore the concept of warm winter clothing with a mitten craft using colored paper or felt, yarn, and decorations. Children can trace and cut out their hands on paper, decorate the mittens, and even practice lacing with yarn around the edges. This craft is a creative practice of fine motor skills and gives you an opportunity to talk about the importance of warm clothing in the cold winter months!

Sensational Snow Globes

Create mini winter wonderlands inside clear plastic cups or glass jars. Your little ones can fill the cups with cotton balls as snow, small winter-themed figurines, and a dash of glitter for that magical touch. Seal the top with a lid, and voila – they’ve made their very own snow globes!


Snow Day Delight: Fun and Educational Activities for Preschoolers

Winter is here and with it brings the chance of a few wintery snowstorms! A few days spent inside while snowflakes swirl outside your window can be magical but when it cancels school and activities,  you may find yourself having a hard time keeping your little ones occupied. A great way to save yourself and your little ones from getting antsy after they’ve played out in the snow is to prepare some fun activities and games that you can pull out when you need to! We’ve compiled a list of engaging DIY crafts, cool science experiments, entertaining games, and cozy book recommendations to make the most of those unexpected snowy days.


Snowy DIY Craft Ideas

Paper Plate Snowflakes

If you’ve got some extra paper plates lying around from the holidays, this craft is perfect. Grab some paper plates, scissors, and markers. Help your preschooler cut out snowflake shapes and decorate them with colorful markers. Hang them around the house for a winter wonderland feel. Try to fold your paper plate into quarters to make symmetrical snowflakes. 

Cotton Ball Snowmen

Another craft that you’ll likely already have all of the components for! Grab some cotton balls, construction paper, and glue. Let your little one create adorable snowmen by gluing cotton balls onto paper and adding paper accessories like hats and scarves.


Easy Snow Science Experiments

Snow Slime

If your little one is a fan of slime, it might be worth stocking up on everything you’ll need. To make a sparkly snow slime, mix white glue, liquid starch, and a dash of iridescent glitter. This tactile experiment is not only fun but also great for sensory play!

Melting Snowman

Build a snowman indoors using baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring. Watch as the snowman fizzes and melts, creating a mini science spectacle. For a full walkthrough of the experiment, check out Little Bins, Little Hands.


Indoor Snow Day Activities

Snowball Toss

Create a target with a large cardboard box or a laundry basket. Use soft, plush snowballs or rolled-up socks for a safe and fun tossing game.

Penguin Waddle Race

Pretend to be penguins by waddling around the house. Set up a “racecourse” and see who can waddle to the finish line the fastest without slipping.


Cozy Book Recommendations

“First Snow” by Nancy Viau

With rhyming text and cheerful illustrations, this is a charming celebration of the winter season.

“Snowmen at Night” by Caralyn Buehner

Ever wondered what snowmen do when you’re not looking? This imaginative book has the answers.

“The Snowy Nap” by Jan Brett

In this instant winter classic, Jan Brett’s Hedgie tries to stay awake so he doesn’t miss out on all the snowy fun his friends are having


Snow days can be an unexpected gift, providing opportunities for creativity, learning, and family bonding. Whether you’re crafting paper snowflakes, making snow slime, having a penguin race, or snuggling up with a good book, these activities are sure to turn any snowy day into a memorable and educational experience for your preschooler!

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