Spring Cleaning: Tips on Organizing and Getting Kids Involved

Spring Cleaning: Tips on Organizing and Getting Kids Involved

Spring is finally here! Now that the sun is shining you may be noticing all of the clutter that has piled up over the winter. Here are a few tips and tricks to get getting organized and clutter free this spring!

Repurpose It – Are your kids’ rooms filled with Legos and crayons without a home? Repurpose old coffee containers or large cans to create small, sleek storage for the little pieces. You can spray paint the outsides or leave them bare. Also, create labels or print out pictures of the contents so you can stay organized and it will make clean up easier for your little ones, hopefully!

Cookie Sheet Organization  – Spray paint metal cookie sheets in your child’s favorite color and hang them above their desk or art corner. Then use fun magnets to hang artwork, school projects, and pictures! Have younger ones at home? Use a cookie sheet in their room for alphabet and shape magnets! Create a fun, educational tool while de-cluttering the front of your refrigerator!

STOP Clutter Game – Turn cleaning into a game! Incorporate sorting, organizing, throwing and putting away into a game. Once you pick something up your sticky fingers can’t put it down unless it’s in a bin!

Donate the Excess – Have clothes that no longer fit you or your little ones? Donate them! Extra clothes don’t just have to go to Good Will; you can also find a local homeless shelter or woman’s center to donate to. Get your kids involved by explaining the importance of giving back at a young age. Help get rid of old, unused toys that take up space by donating them to children in need. Getting your children involved in this process helps them begin to understand the importance of helping those that are less fortunate.
Share any tips you have for organization, de-cluttering or helping your little ones get involved with spring cleaning in the comments below! Share these tips with your friends and family by clicking the share button. Happy cleaning!

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