Spring Sensory Play: Engaging the Senses with Seasonal Materials

Spring Sensory Play: Engaging the Senses with Seasonal Materials

Spring is here and with the season comes a variety of beautiful sights, colors, and scents! Introduce your children to the wonders of Spring through spring-themed sensory play activities! Sensory play is a great way to engage your child’s senses, improve their motor skills, and encourage exploration. In this blog, we’ll give you five ideas for sensory activities that utilize Spring themes and materials!

Flower Petal Sensory Bin

Dive into the vibrant colors and fragrant aromas of spring with a flower petal sensory bin. Fill a large container with fresh flower petals collected from the garden or local florist. Let children explore the soft textures, vibrant hues, and delicate scents as they engage their senses in this immersive sensory experience.

Rainstick Craft

Embrace the soothing sound of raindrops with a DIY rainstick craft. Gather cardboard tubes, dried beans, and decorative materials such as stickers, markers, and ribbons. Encourage children to decorate their tubes before filling them with beans and sealing the ends. As they tilt the rainsticks back and forth, they’ll be mesmerized by the calming sound of rainfall.

Spring-Scented Playdough

Whip up a batch of homemade playdough or slime infused with the fresh scents of spring. Experiment with natural ingredients like lavender, lemon, or mint to create sensory-rich playdough that engages both the olfactory and tactile senses. Add flower petals or herbs for an extra sensory surprise!

Rain Cloud Science Experiment

Explore the science behind spring showers with a rain cloud in a jar experiment. Fill a clear jar with water, then add shaving cream to create a “cloud” on top. Using droppers or pipettes, drip blue food coloring onto the shaving cream cloud. As the “rain” falls through the cloud and into the water, children will observe the process of precipitation in action.

Spring-themed Sensory Bottles

Spark curiosity with spring-themed sensory bottles filled with captivating materials. Fill clear plastic bottles with items such as colored rice, flower petals, sequins, and small toys. Seal the bottles tightly and let children shake, twist, and turn them to explore the fascinating sights and sounds within.

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