Summer Fun

Summer Fun

During the midst of the summer keeping your little ones entertained and having fun all day long can sometimes be difficult. We have gathered a list of five, super fun and inexpensive activities to do whether you are spending a day at the lake, staying in a summer house, or simply having a calm day at home. Check out our list for some great activity ideas for all of the different places summer takes you!

Washi Tape Car Track – A super fun and inexpensive way to create a perfectly customized toy car track. Use washi tape or any type of decorative tape to create the outlines of roads and use cardboard to create ramps and bridges. This is a cute and simple way to create hours of at-home fun!

Fairy Garden – This is a great activity for your little ones that like to play in the dirt or help you garden. Get a large terracotta pot to put your garden in. Let your children help pick out different small plants, stones, and even little figurines to put into their fairy garden. Allow your children’s creativity to flourish with this adorable project!

Nature Scavenger Hunt – Whether you are going to a local park, summerhouse, or staying in your own backyard, nature scavenger hunts are a great way to keep your little ones occupied. There are plenty of online resources for downloading different types of scavenger hunts that focus on animals, insects, nature or a combination of everything!

Ice Boats – This is a super fun and easy activity to do with your little ones! You’ll need some straws, food dye, paper, and an ice cube tray. Fill the tray with different colored water and use the straws and paper to create sails. Wait for the water to freeze and then you’ll have a bunch of colorful boats. This is a great project for trips to the lake, fun in a swimming pool, or even just bath time!

Pool Noodle Race Track – Use a simple pool noodle to create a fun racetrack for your little ones. Cut the pool noodle in half down the length of it, then put the halves side by side and attach them with toothpicks. To make it more exciting, create a start and finish marker with little flags in between.

If you have any fun activities that keep your family occupied during the summer please share them below! We hope the rest of your summer is full of family, friends, and most importantly, fun! If you want to share these ideas with your family and friends click the share button on the side of the blog post!

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