Summer Reading

Summer Reading

With summer break right around the corner your little ones are probably looking forward to putting away the schoolbooks and breaking out the water guns and slip and slides. While summer break is the time for fun in the sun, it is important to keep your kids on track for the next school year. Keeping your little ones reading throughout the summer is a great way to make sure their minds stay sharp and their language skills improve over the summer. Since reading may not be your child’s favorite hobby, we gathered a few tips to make reading more enjoyable for different types of readers!

Creative Readers – A great way to get creative kids excited about reading is to make fun bookmarks with them! Creating the bookmark will get them doing something creative and hands on as well as give them a sense of pride every time they open their book and see their creations. They’ll be excited to put their new bookmarks to use and get reading!  

Frustrated Readers – If your young ones struggle with reading, listen to them and make reading a group effort. Taking turns reading pages can help your child enjoy what they’re reading without getting too frustrated. Allow them to choose the books they are reading so they enjoy reading more. Also making a fun and cozy reading area can help make reading a fun experience instead of a frustrating one. If your child needs a tutor, now is the time to get one. Extra help can’t hurt and problems with reading and literacy won’t get fixed on their own.

Uninterested Readers – If your child is simply uninterested with reading, there are a few ways to try and make reading more fun. Turn reading into a game by making a treasure hunt with clues; you can either make a book the prize or have your child read a book and make clues based off the story with a small toy as the prize.  Also, always have a book on hand. When sitting in a waiting room or riding a bus, pull out a book as a form of entertainment. This will make reading become a habit. And make sure they see you reading. The more your child sees you enjoying reading a book, the more likely they are to be interested too.

Explore the links above to find even more suggestions for getting your kids interested in reading. As always, comment any tips you’ve found effective in getting kids excited about reading.  Be sure to share these ideas with your friends and family by clicking share on the side of the post. Happy reading!

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