Fun, unique Easter projects to spark your child’s creativity

Spring is in the air: longer days, beautiful weather, and Easter. Every year kids get excited with the promise of candy and treats on Easter morning, freshly delivered from the Easter Bunny himself. This year, you can create fun, unique Easter projects that will not only help to celebrate Easter, but encourage your child to work with their hands and make something!

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The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

Children’s Author/Illustrator Jan Brett

Jan Brett is one of the nation’s foremost author/illustrators of children’s books. Currently, she has over thirty-nine million books in print! Growing up near the ocean in Massachusetts, Jan decided to become an illustrator as a child and spent many hours drawing and reading.

“I remember the special quiet of rainy days when I felt that I could enter the pages of my beautiful picture books. Now I try to recreate that feeling of believing that the imaginary place I’m drawing really exists. The detail in my work helps to convince me, and I hope others as well, that such places might be real.” – Jan Brett

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