How to share kindness with young minds

How to share kindness with young minds

With the start of 2017 we also have the start of resolution season! Whether or not your children are looking to have resolutions this year, it is a perfect time to emphasize the importance of kindness for the new year. Here we have a few ways to help encourage your children to spread kindness everywhere they go.  To view the full article on, click here.

Some of the best examples of kindness start within the family. These steps can be as small as encouraging your children while doing chores. Sometimes we want to rush through clean up but taking the time to encourage and verbally reward our children can turn helping with chores into a more rewarding process. Additionally, you can show your children the importance of helping others. With snowy weather coming, this is a perfect time to teach this lesson by shoveling for an elderly neighbor or bringing hot chocolate and snacks to a snowed in friend.

Also, teach your little ones that kindness is not just for people, but animals and the earth need to be treated with kindness too! Teach your little ones to respect the planet by teaching about recycling or spending a day in the park picking up trash and playing. Small activities like these will leave a lasting impact on your child that will help create a respectful and environmentally conscious adult. Additionally, if your little ones are starting to get not so little, look into volunteer programs at local animal shelters. These programs can help teach your children about responsibility and the importance of treating animals with kindness.

Hopefully 2017 is filled with teaching and spreading kindness. If there is any thing that your family does to spread kindness tell us in the comments below! Share this blog with your friends and family by clicking the share button on the side of the post!

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