Unique Art Projects

Unique Art Projects

Unique Art Prohects

Creating art is very beneficial for children of all ages. Arts and crafts help little ones develop fine motor skills and help older children develop their creativity and confidence. Creating art doesn’t just have to happen at a desk or the kitchen table. FirefliesAndMudPies.com created a list of unique indoor and outdoor art projects for you to do with your little ones! We’ve chosen four of our favorite super-fun activities, but be sure to check out the full list for more great ideas!

Water Gun Painting – This is a great activity for when the weather starts to get warmer! All you need to do is set up an easel outside with watercolor paper on it. If you don’t have an easel you can tack the paper onto a tree. Fill a few water guns with different colors of liquid watercolors and then just shoot them at the paper to create some super-fun masterpieces!

Soap Foam Printing – Another fun outdoor art project is foam printing! You can use your watercolor paper and liquid watercolors for this activity as well! What you need to do is fill a small bowl with dish soap, water, and then squirt in some of the liquid watercolors. Then give your little ones a straw and have them blow into the mixture until bubbles start spilling out. A whisk can also be used to make the bubbles. Once the bubbles have spilled onto the ground, place the paper on top and press gently so the color transfers and creates a masterpiece!

Gumball Painting – This is a fun activity if you have any stale gumballs or similar candies lying around. Take the gumballs and put them into a plastic bag. Squirt some paint into the bag and a few drops of water. Seal the bag and mix the gumballs around in the paint. Then take paper or a canvas and place it in a cardboard box. Then, pour the gumballs into the box. Have your little ones move the box around to make the gumballs roll, leaving paint trails behind them to create some cool artwork!

Scrape Painting – This is a fun project to learn about color mixing! All you need is a few small cardboard squares, paint, and white paper. This project is done by squeezing a little paint directly onto the paper then scraping the paint along the paper with the piece of cardboard. Your little ones will have fun laying different colors on top of one another and making fun shapes!

We hope you try out some of these projects with your little ones! Please tell us in the comments which ones you loved and any unique art projects that are favorites in your household! As always, please click share on the side of the blog to show your friends and family these fun projects!

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