Summer Yoga Poses

If any of your little ones are aspiring yogis, we have some perfect poses for them to practice this summer! These are great poses to get in touch with summer whether it’s on the beach, by the lake, or outside in the backyard. Help your little ones tap into their summer flow thanks to Kidsyogastories and their full guide to summer yoga and meditation!


Triangle Pose – Sailboat Pose

Start in Mountain Pose. Then step one foot to the side and face it slightly outward.  Extend your arms out, parallel to the ground.

Then bend at the waist, lifting one arm into the air and bringing the other down your shin.

Have your little one pretend to be a sailboat floating along the water.

Plank Pose – Surfboard Pose

From the Triangle pose, slide your hand that was on your shin on the ground in       front of you as you lower your other arm to place both hands on the ground in front of you.

Make sure your hands are placed as though you are about to do a push-up. Step or jump both feet back so that you are poised to do a push up. Rise up on your toes and make sure to keep your palms and back flat.

Have your little ones pretend to be a surfboard swaying on the surface of the ocean.

Boat Pose – Boat on the Water Pose

From the Plank pose, step your feet forward and sit on your bottom. Lift your legs to a 45 or 60-degree angel. Keep your arms parallel to the ground. Make sure your legs, arms, and back are all straight!

This pose may be a little harder to hold but don’t give up and make sure to breathe!

Once you’re little ones are steady in this position, rock back and forth like a boat on the water!


We hope your little yogis are excited for these summer yoga poses! If there are any yoga poses your little ones love let us know in the comments. Click share on the side of the blog to let your family and friends try these awesome poses.

Mini Meditation

Meditation is a great tool for adults and children in finding a sense of calm and relaxing the mind and body. Meditation can often be very helpful for children that are feeling stress that they do not yet know how to process. Meditation can also be helpful when your little ones are having trouble falling asleep or sitting still. The best way to practice meditation with your children is through guided exercises. This means you will walk them through each step verbally. The Chopra Center compiled a short list of guided exercises for child-friendly meditation. We’ve listed two of them below but you can click the link to view the full article. Both of the guided practices below can be practiced with children of any age!

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Young Yogis: How Yoga Benefits Kids

With yoga becoming a growing trend, many people are left wondering whether it is actually beneficial, especially when it comes to children’s yoga. Many yoga instructors claim that starting yoga at a young age can help children in many different ways, from things such as posture to behavior. Some of the obvious benefits of yoga are physical. Yoga is a great way for kids to stay active in a non-competitive environment. The focus of yoga is not to win but just to do the best you can. This innately pulls pressure off of children and allows them to focus on what they are doing. Practicing yoga regularly helps with flexibility, balance, and coordination. These are all important for growing children and great building blocks for future athletics. Continue reading “Young Yogis: How Yoga Benefits Kids”

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