Young Yogis: How Yoga Benefits Kids

Young Yogis: How Yoga Benefits Kids

With yoga becoming a growing trend, many people are left wondering whether it is actually beneficial, especially when it comes to children’s yoga. Many yoga instructors claim that starting yoga at a young age can help children in many different ways, from things such as posture to behavior. Some of the obvious benefits of yoga are physical. Yoga is a great way for kids to stay active in a non-competitive environment. The focus of yoga is not to win but just to do the best you can. This innately pulls pressure off of children and allows them to focus on what they are doing. Practicing yoga regularly helps with flexibility, balance, and coordination. These are all important for growing children and great building blocks for future athletics.

Additionally, yoga serves as a way to help children learn how to calm themselves. The breathing techniques and focus that is learned in yoga can help children learn how to cope with emotions such as frustration and anger. It is often difficult for young children to understand their more complex emotions such as feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Yoga gives children the tools to tackle these feelings, even though they may not completely understand what these feelings are. The breathing exercises associated with yoga allow children to have control. They are the ones regulating their breathing when they start to feel unpleasant emotions. Not only do children feel a sense of freedom, but they are also able to develop healthy coping mechanisms at a young age.

Not only is yoga a great tool for developing healthy behavioral habits, but it also inspires confidence in children. Yoga teaches patience and more importantly, allows children to learn how to become patient with themselves. Not all aspects of yoga are easy; in fact, most poses take a lot of practice and focus. This means children often have to work hard to perfect a pose. At first, this may prove frustrating; however, the goal is that after some time children will start to understand that not everything they do will be perfect the first time they try. This knowledge that they can work hard towards something and eventually master it teaches patience and instills confidence.

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