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Creative Learning offers programs based on age, from 9 months through Pre-school. The children remain together for an entire year and they advance to the next level each September. We offer half-day, full day, and extended programs. We are also happy to customize schedules to meet your specific needs.

Our Center is filled with enriching activities designed to stimulate and encourage receptive and expressive language. We are constantly on the move as we develop our small and large muscles. Our toddlers love messy play. The teachers provide many opportunities for finger painting, gluing, ripping paper, and using chalk and crayons. Joining our older friends for singing time is also a favorite of our littlest learners.

Throughout the year the children enjoy learning colors and shapes. We use music to dance, sing, and understand more about how we use language. The teachers recognize the curiosity of the children and use it to enhance their knowledge of nature and the way things work in their world.

Our three’s love to use their imagination! They dress up and pretend together now that their language has grown. Coloring, painting, sketching, and gluing are some of the skills we use to create beautiful artistic expressions. We also enter the world of letters and numbers. Sharing, caring, and being a friend are the social skills introduced during this busy year of growth.

Pre-Kindergarten is a readiness year. The children will develop cognitively, emotionally, and socially. They increase their use of language and understanding of concepts. Our teachers will introduce and reinforce decision making and problem solving, resourcefulness, and responsibility. We have both pre-reading and pre-math programs in place. Letter formation and use of scissors are practiced throughout the year. Basic Spanish and American sign language are presented as another way of communicating. We use play, music, exploration, and art to build these skills.

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