Tips To Make Halloween Night Safe And Fun

Tips To Make Halloween Night Safe And Fun

Halloween is just still a couple of days away so now’s the time to start thinking about what precautions you plan to take to ensure that everyone in your family has both a safe and fun night of trick or treating!

Tips For Costume Safety On Halloween

Choose Good Materials

When picking out or making costumes, prioritize comfort and safety. Avoid materials that can easily catch fire or have loose parts that may be a tripping hazard. Choose a costume made of breathable fabric to avoid overheating or thick fabrics to keep your little ones warm depending on the climate of where you live! 

Prioritize Visibility

Dark-colored costumes might look spooky, but they can make it difficult for drivers to see your child, especially at night. Incorporate reflective tape or stickers into the costume design, and give your child a flashlight or glow sticks to carry for added visibility.

Tips For Trick-or-Treating On Halloween

Adult Supervision

Always accompany young children when they go trick-or-treating. Stick to well-lit, familiar neighborhoods, and use the buddy system if they’re old enough to go out with friends.

Set a Time Limit

Establish a curfew for trick-or-treating and plan a route in advance. This will help ensure that your child doesn’t get too tired and can enjoy the Halloween festivities without becoming overwhelmed or getting upset when trick-or-treating ends unexpectedly.

Tips For Street Safely On Halloween

Stay on Sidewalks

Remind your child to always walk on the sidewalk and use crosswalks when crossing the street. Emphasize the importance of looking both ways before crossing, even if the road appears empty.

Be Cautious Crossing the Road

Drivers may be distracted, in a hurry, or have a hard time seeing trick-or-treaters. Make sure your child understands the importance of making eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them if they’ve stopped at a crosswalk or intersection.

Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe On Halloween

Keep Home Well-Lit

If you’re handing out candy at home, ensure that your porch and walkway are well-lit to prevent accidents and falls. Remove any tripping hazards from your yard or walkway.

Pet Safety

If you have pets, consider keeping them in a separate room during trick-or-treating hours. The constant doorbell ringing and unfamiliar costumes can stress out animals which can also stress out your young visitors.

Tips For If Your Child Has Allergies and Dietary Restrictions On Halloween

Be Vocal About Their Restrictions

If your child has food allergies or dietary restrictions, be vigilant about checking labels and communicating their needs to those distributing treats. If you’re going to a party or trick or treating around your neighborhood, reach out in advance to anyone you feel comfortable with and see if they’re able to accommodate your child’s allergy or dietary restrictions.

Plan Ahead

There will be nothing more disappointing on Halloween than your child not being able to eat any of the treats they receive so try planning ahead to have a stash at home just in case the treats they get aren’t allergy-safe. 

Tips For An Emergency On Halloween

Discuss A Plan In Advance

If your child is going trick-or-treating without you or there is a chance that they’ll be walking ahead of you and get separated, come up with a plan beforehand about what you both will do if that happens. Discuss meeting points and who in the neighborhood they can ask for help if they need it.

Give Them Emergency Contact Information

Make sure your child knows your phone number and address in case they get separated from you. Consider writing this information on a small card that they can carry in their pocket, especially if they’re too young to memorize it. Even if you have no intention of separating from your child, including an emergency contact card in their pocket or treat bag can’t hurt.


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