Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

Summer safety tips for kids

Summer is always a fun-filled time for kids with lots of playdates, adventures through local parks, swimming trips, bike rides and more! Before all of the fun can begin, it’s important that you and your little ones remember some essential summer safety tips! PBS Parents created an in-depth list of summer safety tips and facts, which you can find here.

Common safety hazards and how to avoid them

  • Tick Bites – Summers in New Jersey are the most important time to be mindful of ticks. It is important to check family members (including the furry ones) for ticks every day, especially after a day outside. Some ways to help prevent tick bites are protective clothing, tick/bug repellant for your little ones and your pets, and to stay on well-maintained paths when walking through grassy areas.
  • Helmet Safety – It is important for your kids to wear helmets not only on bikes, but also on skateboards, scooters, roller skates etc. Helmets can save lives so it is important to find a helmet that fits properly and that is suited for your child’s activity. Parents and older siblings should also wear helmets to set a good example and be safe!
  • Water Safety – Most kids spend a lot of their summer in the water, which is why practicing water safety is so important! Drowning is not just a risk in a deep pool or ocean but also in bathtubs, kiddie pools, lakes etc. A mindful guardian should not be more than one arms length away from a child in the water at any time. Remember, even experienced swimmers still need supervision!
  • Additional Tips – Remember, on these hot summer days it’s important to make sure your family stays hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Offer your child water frequently; don’t wait until they are thirsty. Another tip to be mindful of, year round, is teaching your little ones about strangers. This article by the National Crime Prevention Council gives tips and suggestions for discussing strangers with your children without scaring them.

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