Spooky Halloween Crafts

Spooky Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts

With Halloween right around the corner you’re probably seeing crafting and diy ideas all over the Internet. Most of these crafts are either for adults or children that have developed those fine motor skills already. So if you’re looking for some fun activities to do with your little ones in the count down to Halloween this is the perfect list for you! Happy Hooligans published a list of 21 Halloween crafts for toddlers and we’ve chosen 4 of our favorites for you!

Pumpkin Art: This craft is a great way for your little ones to practice their fine motor skills while creating adorable decorations! The main things you’ll need for this craft are paint, Styrofoam, paper, glue and cardboard. Have your little ones paint the shape of a pumpkin and then “carve” it with pieces of black and white paper!


Cotton Ball Ghosts – This craft is fun, although not entirely mess free. The main materials you will need are black construction paper, white chalk, glue, and black buttons. Your little ones will shred apart the cotton balls to create the shape of the ghosts. A great way to be creative and build those motor skills!


Halloween Wreath – This craft is a great way for your little ones to show their different creative sides. The most important thing you need is cardboard cut into the shape of a wreath. After that your little ones can choose to paint it whatever Halloweeny color they want and use and kind of colored tissue paper, bows, googly eyes, or fake spiders to make it whimsical!


Halloween Straw Necklace – This craft is one that your little ones can wear to school and will help develop fine motor skills. The most important things you’ll need for this craft are black yarn, a child’s sewing needle, and colored drinking straws in colors like purple, green, and orange. Cut the straws into pieces and then have your little ones thread the pieces of straw onto the necklace!


We hope you find some inspiration for fun and spooky crafts this Halloween. As always please leave your comments below with some of your favorite Halloween crafts for your little ones. Click the share button on the side of the blog to share this inspiration with your family and friends!

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